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Close the loop

Close the loop

Closed loop recycling is a one-of-a-kind recycling partnership for recycling of used, discarded office paper into new paper hand towels, toilet tissue- and napkin products.
The Closed Loop Recycling program covers the full loop for recycling of office paper from our partner’s facility. An approved shredder or recycling partner collects office paper and shreds the material if needed, ensuring secure destruction. The recycled office paper is then transported to the local Essity paper mill where it is used to produce third-party certified paper towels, toilet tissue, and napkin products. To close the loop, our distributor delivers the recycled products back to be used at the customer’s facility.
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“The partnership has truly benefitted our environmental performance. We have diverted over 15,000 cubic feet of materials from traditional recycling.”
Corey Berman, Program Manager – Recycling and Zero Waste, University of Vermont