Are you meeting increased hygiene expectations?

Are you meeting increased hygiene expectations?

Dispense confidence with our quality and effective skincare solutions. Our specially formulated products and award-winning dispensers, paired with industry-leading Tork paper products, help to promote hand hygiene.

Quality and effective skincare solutions

Depend on our comprehensive skincare assortment to confidently meet increased hygiene expectations.

Tork is the #1 professional hygiene brand, to deliver quality and effective skincare solutions

Discover how our broad, effective assortment of skincare solutions, along with over 50 years of hygiene experience can help you dispense confidence among employees and visitors.
Secure the new hygiene standard with the global leading professional hygiene supplier

Dispense confidence with the global leading professional hygiene brand

  • Wide product assortment: Soaps, sanitizers and hygiene stands promote hand hygiene anywhere.
  • Proven formulations: High-quality skincare encourages good hand hygiene. 
  • Factory-sealed bottle with  a new pump for every refill helps reduce risk of contamination.
Highly efficient skincare products and solutions save you time for what matters

Efficient skincare products save you time for what matters

  • High capacity: Tork Foam Soap Refills serve up to 1,650 visitors, decreasing refill frequency.***
  • Tork Vision Cleaning: Sensor-equipped dispensers update cleaners on product levels, saving time on refill checks 
  • Consumption Reduction: Measured, consistent dispensing reduces consumption by up to 50%.***
Carolyn Berland, Global Brand Innovation Manager at Essity

“Tork has a variety of high- quality soap and sanitizer formulations with carefully chosen ingredients to encourage good hand hygiene.”

Carolyn Berland, Global Brand Innovation Manager at Essity

Awards and certifications

Companies trust our leading skincare solutions, and we have multiple awards and certifications to show why – including accolades for ease of use, design, and sustainability.

This comprehensive portfolio of Tork skincare solutions is proven to help customers meet high, business-critical hygiene expectations with confidence. Find our latest skincare solutions at a distributor near you.

Meet with a member of our team and learn how Tork skincare products can help your business.

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Certified by the Swedish Rheumatism association, tested according to The Design for All Test, published in the Swedish Design Research Journal, 2011.
** Based on internal panel test soap refilling time.
*** Essity test: Using Tork Foam Soap 0,5 ml/push vs Tork Liquid Soap
1,0ml/push in 1000ml refill in an Elevation dispenser