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A clean school with consistent access to proper hygiene products is critical in helping maintain health and the wellbeing of students, faculty and staff. Ensuring all restrooms and other areas at all institution levels are appropriately equipped, cleaned and maintained also helps prevent the spread of infection.

For over 50 years, Tork has been – and continues to be – committed to improving school hygiene and cleaning by providing complete hygiene solutions and products, as well as hand washing educational programs, giving schools peace of mind that they are caring for the well-being of students, teachers and staff in their halls.

Ensure a good grade on hand hygiene

No matter the educational institution you manage, good hand hygiene education can help keep students, teachers and staff safe and reduce the spread of viruses and diseases. While each age level requires different approaches to encourage proper hand hygiene, it’s important to remember that sick students, teachers and staff should not come to school. Furthermore you should encourage frequent and thorough hand washing in your schools and education facilities, and ensure your hand hygiene stations are stocked with soap and single-use paper hand towels and have warm water.
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Why paper towels are the safer choice

Keeping up with good hand hygiene includes access to safe hand drying options. Drying hands with paper hand towels helps to ower the risk of spreading bacteria; whereas, air dryers can spread higher levels of germs into the air*. Paper hand towels also support many uses beyond hand drying such as: blowing noses, wiping mouths, adjusting cosmetics, medical needs and helping avoid dirty door and faucet handles.

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