Tablet offer and set-up fee


Tablet recommendation

Digital Cleaning Plans works on any device. 
Based on extensive customer feedback, a 10 inch (25 cm) tablet is the best as this gives cleaners good visibility and usability – to view information, write messages and confirm tasks. 
We recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab A T585 25.54 cm (10,1 Zoll) LTE Tablet-PC. Most electrical stores sell tablets, as do many online retailers, for example – just search for the tablet you want.
Tablet holder:
To make it easy to use, we recommend you connect the tablet device to a stable, lockable tablet holder, mounted to a cleaning trolley.
Read more about tablet holders 
For a lockable tablet holder that fits the 10 inch tablet, you need to order the following five items:
  1. Tablet holder
  2. Double socket arm (connector)
  3. Connector to the holder
  4. Lockable security knob
  5. Handle-bar base for rails – used for mounting the tablet holder on the cleaning trolley. There are three different diameters. Choose the one that fits the bar of the cleaning trolley you want to mount it on:  
    0.5-1 inch diameter  
    1-2 inch diameter 
    2-3 inch diameter 

Connectivity required

Digital Cleaning Plans needs a wireless connection. The cheapest solution is to use Wi-Fi. If this is not possible, a mobile connection also works.  Based on experience, we recommended a volume of 3 GB per tablet and month for optimal usage of the Digital Cleaning Plans. 

Set-up and configuration fee

Getting started with Digital Cleaning Plans takes just a few steps. It’s easy to do it yourself, but if you want help, you can buy this service from us. 
We help you set-up and configure:
  • Your sites, buildings and locations - 30/100/300/500 locations depending on the number you purchased
  • Your cleaning teams
  • Your task
  • Your cleaning plans
To sign up to Digital Cleaning Plans, click here. When you have signed up to and entered the software, you can request the set-up and configuration service as well as to choose to upgrade to more functionality.