Industry wall mounted dispenser

Wall mounted

Wall-mounted dispensers can save valuable floor space and help reduce clutter. We have a variety of wall-mounted dispenser systems designed to make the best use of the space you have. A wide range of specialized wiper qualities are also available for each dispenser system.

Wall stand

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See exactly how much paper is left with this heavy-duty, exposed-roll dispenser. Dispensing is safe and precise. Its  reinforced, glass-fiber teeth help reduce consumption and waste. It's also easy to load and refill.

Tork Wall Stand

Tork Wall Stand

Article : 6521281

Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth

Tork Industrial Clean...

Article : 520304

Maxi Centerfeed Dispenser

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Save refilling time and protect your rolls with this high-capacity, splash-proof, maxi centerfeed dispenser. You only need one free hand to easily grab as much paper as you need. Refilling is easy. And its durable construction makes it perfect for heavy-duty use.

Tork Maxi Centerfeed Dispenser

Tork Maxi Centerfeed ...

Article : 653020

Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser

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Control consumption with this dispenser's one-sheet-at-a-time feature. Its easy-to-clean, splash-proof design protects each wiper and prevents soilage. The semi-transparent hood shows when top-ups are needed. Refilling is easy. Flexible mounting options let you use the wall bracket or, if you do not want to drill holes, we have magnets and suction cups you can use.

Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser

Tork Folded Wiper/Clo...

Article : 6540281

Mini Centerfeed Dispenser

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Save even more space with this compact dispenser for mini centerfeed rolls. It's designed for tight spaces. Single-handed dispensing means you can take what you need easily with just one hand. Rolls stay protected with its splash-proof design. Extra robust hinges and durable teeth complete this sturdy dispenser, making it easy to use and refill.

Tork Industrial Paper Wiper, Centerfeed

Tork Industrial Paper...

Article : 132451A