Reflex Portable Centrefeed Dispenser System

Eliminate the clutter of loose paper rolls with this portable, single-sheet, centrefeed dispenser. It has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to carry or attach to trolleys/chairs. It's splash proof and fully enclosed to protect the paper. What's more, the one-sheet-at-a-time feature helps reduce consumption and waste.

Tork Handy Box

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Get high-capacity to go with our portable Handy box. This cardboard box dispenser has a smart handle that makes it easy to carry around so you'll always have protected wipes nearby. It's designed for one wipe at a time dispensing which helps control consumption and eliminate waste.

Tork Industrial Paper Wiper, Handy Box

Tork Industrial Paper...

Article : 13247501

ShopMax Wet Wipes

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Grab a fresh, wet wipe wherever you need it with our portable Multi-Surface Bucket. With one-wipe-at-a-time dispensing, its designed to preserve the contents and keep wipes moist for a long time. This durable bucket can be refilled time and time again, making it very cost-effective. You can even add your own preferred formula.

Tork ShopMax Wet Wipes, Multi-Surface Bucket

Tork ShopMax Wet Wipe...

Article : 192594