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What is flow and why is it important?

M3 Kitchen - Reflex2018

The best way to describe flow is the efficiency of a kitchen. With the right systems and routines in place, staff can flow through the kitchen with ease to provide a smooth and steady service. The Tork Reflex™ Centerfeed Dispenser is the ideal hand and surface wiping solution for professional environments, designed to fit your workplace flow.  

Top tips from a kitchen optimisation expert

Alan Kinsella reveals his "C.H.E.F.S” guide for better flow and efficiency. 

  • Control

    Assess the situation, and make sure that the right leaders and chefs are in place.  

  • Hygiene

    Ensure that hygiene is at the highest level and that the environment is clean, from top to bottom.  

  • Engineering

    Make sure that appropriate menus, planning, and structure are in place. 

  • Finance

    Manage productivity per working hour, because time always equals money.

  • Systems

    Give managers a proper system to work with, and make sure that staff follow guidelines. 

  • "Tork wiping and cleaning solutions raise the bar for standards, encourage consistent hygiene practices and provide a happier environment for kitchen staff."
    Alan Kinsella - Kitchen optimisation expert

Designed to fit your flow

 Key benefits of the Tork Reflex system: 

  • Optimise your kitchen flow

    • New rotating nozzle allows you to take paper from any angle, improving accessibility. 
    • Run-out indicator ensures you’re never caught without paper. 

  • Maintain hygiene standards

    • Touch only what you take and reduce the risk of cross contamination.  
    • Removable hood makes the dispenser easier to clean.  

  • Control cost and reduce waste

    • Single-sheet dispensing reduces staff’s paper consumption.  
    • Refills last longer so your kitchen has fewer interruptions.  

Tork Reflex New Generation
  • Reduces consumption by up to 37%*
    * when compared to the Tork Centerfeed system