Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

Insight, inspiration and tips to help you take your restaurant to the next level.

Navigate the new normal

It has been a challenging time for the restaurant industry and this new normal will create new demands and responsibilities, but it will also open up opportunities. With worldwide experience in the hospitality industry, and a full offer across kitchen, dining and washroom areas, we will support you in creating memorable and safe experiences that will help you in winning guest confidence.  
Here you will find inspiring information on how to create safe environments for you, your staff and guests, together with tips and tricks on how to adapt your business to the new normal.  
If you're looking for recommendations and help to keep up with a high hygiene and food safety in your restaurant. You find it here on Tork Clean Care Foodservice. 

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Today restaurants are struggling to come back with new and innovative solutions that are smart and safe for their guests. We believe that the future will have even more digital solutions in the restaurant industry, such as contactless payment systems, menus and ordering apps. There is also an increasing trend for takeout that looks set to continue. In our reports you´ll find tips and support for navigating the new normal and building guests’ confidence.

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Here you will find guidance for your staff in how to create a safe environment for all. You will also find a poster that communicates to your guest so they will feel secure when dining with you.

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