Tork PeakServe®

Ensure everyday well-being

A high quality washroom experience shows that you care about your employees, and conveys the right image to your visitors. Tork PeakServe® lets you set a new standard for a superior washroom experience, ensuring your staff well-being, reduced sick leave and peace of mind at work.

Hygiene issues in an open office environment
It is becoming increasingly evident that cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace is no
longer just a matter of pleasantry, but is a vital factor for productivity. With more and more offices converting to open plan, people are socializing more frequently, sharing facilities and technology, and thereby facing more hygiene risks than before.
Implementing a hygiene strategy and its benefits
Lacking routines when it comes to ensuring sufficient hygiene make people feel like their co-workers are not doing enough to avoid spreading germs in general. By implementing a hygiene strategy in the office, employers can increase both productivity and well-being by reducing sick-days and hygiene worries. Studies show that executing the right hand hygiene program in an office can reduce the amount of sick leaves by over 20%7 and has been shown to reduce worry, improve morale and the attitude toward the employee’s workplace.
How Tork PeakServe® can be a part of a better hygiene strategy 
One of the most important factors for improving hand hygiene and thus reducing the incidence of infectious diseases is simply to provide more opportunities for hand hygiene, and one is making sure facilities are always stocked. And this is where Tork PeakServe comes in. This gamechanger has set a new standard for high-traffic towel dispensing. Providing 250%* more hand towels to avoid run outs and serving 600* more guests between refills you can rest assured your high-traffic washroom is ready to dispense!  
Our latest innovation explained

Our new hand towels are compressed to fit twice as many in less space. The system is continuous: The compressed Tork PeakServe bundles latch onto each other when loaded and towels are connected so they dispense with no interruption. 
The result is a new standard of smooth, continuous towel flow and a dispenser that stays slim yet has 35% more capacity than other products on the market.*
7. Arbogast, J. W., Moore-Schiltz, L., Jarvis, W. R., Harpster-Hagen, A., Hughes, J., & Parker, A. (2016). Impact of a comprehensive workplace hand hygiene program on
employer health care insurance claims and costs, absenteeism, and employee perceptions and practices. Journal of occupational and environmental medicine, 58(6), e231.