Tork Vision Cleaning  – Refill on Demand

Tork Vision Cleaning – Refill on Demand

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Know when to refill and clean

People counters, connected dispensers and digital cleaning plans help you save time cleaning and reduce tasks like dispenser checks.
Screenshot of Refill on Demand software showing the heatmap

Ensure high cleaning quality

  • Act before you get a complaint with visitor thresholds that notify you when and where service is needed   
  • See hot spots and determine the right cleaning frequency with tools like the visitor heatmap ​ 
  • Make sure dispensers don’t go empty - resolve what is often the #1 source of complaints ​ 
Screenshot of Refill on Demand software showing dispenser levels and visitor traffic

Boost operational efficiency 

  • Save time by eliminating unnecessary tasks  
  • Take the right supplies​ to avoid multiple trips to the supply closet​ 
  • Reduce wasted products by refilling at the right time  
  • Staff more effectively
  • Analyze and improve with built-in reports 
Screenshot of Refill on Demand software showing dispenser levels and visitor traffic

Empower your cleaners

  • Help cleaners directly identify issues by putting data in their hands ​​ 
  • Create a better way of working for cleaners​ 
  • Increase staff motivation​​
  • Achieve faster resolution times
Screenshot of Refill on Demand software showing the dashboard

Create a safe environment ​​

  • Know when and where touchpoint cleaning is needed  
  • Show adherence to safety regulations​ 
  • Reduce contact points for staff and users​ 
  • Ensure users always have access to hygiene products​ ​ 

Upgrading has never been easier

We make the transition to data-driven cleaning easy for you. Tork Vision Cleaning features an Onboarding and Success Program to get you started and drive value for you with ongoing consultancy.

1. Get started

Preparation, installation and configuration of Tork Vision Cleaning in your facilities

2. Onboarding

Training and digital support tools get you started

3. In use

Recurring reports and ongoing guidance from our Tork Customer Success team to help you build value

4. Business review

Together we review your results, achievements towards your goals and recommendations for improvements

The Tork Vision Cleaning offer

You are now exploring Refill on Demand. However, Tork Vision Cleaning allows you to choose between three data-driven cleaning offers to best suit your specific operations.

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Note: Tork Vision Cleaning was formerly known as Tork EasyCube®.