Public washrooms

Heavily trafficked areas are where hotels are making lasting impressions. A good washroom experience will reflect positively on how your guests perceive your hotel. We offer a range of dispensers and refills to help you create the right impression.

What are your key needs for your washrooms?


When a washroom visit makes people want to talk about it afterwards, your design must stand out. Do you want to make a statement for your guests and leave a lasting impression? Tork products complement the high quality finish and materials of a luxurious washroom, so great design shines through. Exceptional care for your guests starts here.
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If you need cost-efficient, low-maintenance washrooms, where a lot of users get in and out quickly, the right components—including robust hygiene systems—are essential. Our one-at-a-time towel and tissue dispensers can help you control consumption. What's more, our high-capacity soap and paper refills help provide consistent service without committing resources for cleaning and maintenance.
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If you want to invite guests to relax in a more comfortable environment and take care of more than just their basic needs, out Tork systems have everything you need. From our soft, comfortable, towels to our moisturizing lotion, guests with diverse needs will appreciate the extra care and consideration you provide.
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