Lodging dining full service

Full Service

Your guests notice when their dining experience is perfected down to the smallest detail. Our wiping, cleaning, and sanitizing products can help you provide unquestionable hygiene, but having the right finishing touches for your tables can also make a big difference. Everything is designed to support the dining experience you want to create.

Dinner Napkins

Recommended products

For a single-use napkin that makes a great impression for your guest, our Tork LinStyle® Dinner Napkin is perfect.


Recommended Products

Tork systems help maintain an attractive and hygienic environment for guests. And thanks to the One Napkin, Every Time™ dispensing system, guests touch and take only the napkins they use. Choose from a broad range of dispensing options and napkin refills for tabletop and bar areas.

Foodservice Cloths

Recommended Products

Tork products ensure your guests enjoy a clean and hygienic experience that keeps them coming back. Color coded to prevent cross contamination.