Healthcare public washroom

Public Washroom

Keeping good hygiene standards in public washrooms is easier with low-maintenance hygiene systems. With fast-loading, sealed refills and high-capacity dispensers, you can secure good hygiene for more visitors and free up staff for more critical tasks. Use our single-sheet, multi-purpose towels to quickly wipe up spills, dry hands and reduce waste.

Hand towels

Recommended Products

This touch-free dispensing system is hygienic and fits perfectly into any healthcare environment.  It reduces the spread of germs and has a high capacity for busy public restrooms.


Recommended Products

The Tork automatic foam soap dispenser prevents the spread of infection with hands free operation.The mild soap is ideal for the health care environment and frequent hand washing.


Recommended Products

Tork automatic foam sanitizer dispenser is ideal for effective sanitization in medical facilities. Touch-free dispensing reduces the spread of germs. Mount on the wall or on a stand.

Bath Tissue

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This bath tissue dispensing system is ideal for high-traffic washrooms and its hygienic design complements any health care facility.


Recommended Products

Top-of-the-line wipers in convenient pop-up dispenser box, ideal for EVS carts