Tork Takes Back the Lunch Break!

Tork is on a mission to Take Back the Lunch Break. Why? According to Gallup, only one in three employees are engaged at work. Because engagement impacts productivity, happiness and job satisfaction, it’s time employees and employers across North America stepped up to the plate – the lunch plate that is.

  • New Research

    Tork, an Essity brand*, conducted a North American study of employees in various workplaces, which shows that those who take lunch breaks are more likely to feel efficient at work and satisfied with their jobs. And nearly all (93 percent) of North American bosses think employees should be encouraged to take a lunch break. 

    This is why we created the “Take Back the Lunch Break” campaign – to help improve workplace morale, satisfaction, and productivity across North America. 

    *in partnership with Jennifer Deal, Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership and Affiliated Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at University of Southern California (USC)

  • Share your Lunch Break!

    Tell us why it’s important to #takebacklunch in the middle of their workday. Share your stories and photos by using the #takebacklunch when you post or tweet.

  • Press Release

    Want to learn more about why Tork is on a mission to #takebacklunch? Click here for details.

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We want to hear from you – are you reaping the benefits that come with taking lunch? Take the survey below and see where you stack up compared to 1,600 other employees surveyed in North America.

Take Back the Lunch Break with Tork: How Do You Stack Up?

Download any of the “out to lunch” signs below for your desk.

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You might think skipping your lunch break is a sign of dedication to your job. But according to our research, it’s quite the opposite – employees who take a lunch break score higher on a wide range of engagement metrics, including job satisfaction and productivity. That’s why we’re on a mission to get your lunch break back. By stepping away from your desk to take a break each day, you could be taking your work from an A- to an A+.

  • Download any of the “out to lunch” signs below to show your colleagues why you feel that not taking a break is a huge “missed steak.” It might even give you something new to “taco bout!”

For Restaurants

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In today’s 24/7 work culture, the employee lunch break is in decline – which means fewer customers going to restaurants. And yet, according to recent research conducted by Tork, employees who take a lunch break score higher on a wide range of engagement metrics, including job satisfaction and productivity. Here are some lunch break benefits by the numbers. Our idea is simple: with more workers taking their lunch break, we can improve workplaces and worker happiness – all while driving customers back through your doors. 

To learn more about how Tork Takes Back the Lunch Break can benefit your restaurant, click here.

Want to learn more about why Tork is on a mission to #takebacklunch? Click here for details.

Our new #takebacklunch Tork Xpressnap Ad-a-Glance templates will remind your customers about the importance of taking a lunch break.

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Help spread the word! Simply print and display in your Xpressnap in-store dispensers – or you can even customize with your logo via our DIY Digital Marketing Tool. Remember you can share this custom design through your social media channels from our site. Not using dispenser napkins? Not to worry! Visit our custom print napkin site, where you can customize your napkins. Together, we can #takebacklunch – and raise your bottom line.

Download these infographic stats and share on your own social media page

Your customers will be thrilled to know that research calls for them to take a break. Download infographics and Facebook/Instagram-friendly versions of the Ad-a-Glance inserts to share on your social channels to persuade guests to get out of their seats and into yours.

For Employers and HR Managers

Fresh thinking needs fresh air. According to a Gallup poll, only one-third of employees report being engaged at work. But according to a recent study commissioned by Tork, the answer may be in the lunch break. The survey reveals that when employees take regular lunch breaks, they feel more satisfied, engaged and productive at work. In fact, employees who regularly take lunch breaks are seven percent more likely to say they are productive than those who don’t. That’s like taking their work from an A- to an A+.

Spread the word and encourage employees to step away from their desks for lunch by downloading any of these posters.

You can print them or email them to your teams to help spread the word. Your employees will thank you for the proven benefits – such as higher engagement, productivity and happiness – that a lunch break brings!