More time serving guests and less time handling products

When you enter the storage room you want to find what you’re looking for and access it easily. It’s as simple as that.

Which is why we are now introducing a new napkin packaging with Tork Easy Handling® features, to make your working life easier.

Think inside the box


After some creative thinking about how to make our packaging smarter we have come up with a new napkin box with Tork Easy Handling® features. Simply tear along the perforations and the box itself transforms into an easy to find and access napkins display that you can put directly on the shelf.

Easier to find

Trying to find the right napkins in a room full of almost identical boxes takes time. But not any more. The new display box design, in combination with improved labelling and an identification hole, makes it much easier to see what’s in our boxes (and what color the napkins are) – without opening them.

Fits existing standards

The new packaging fits existing measurement standards to support your current logistics and storage solutions.

Better packaging, better business

Saving time handling supplies is good business. Because the less time you spend in storage rooms, the more time you can spend on your guests.

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