Easycube desktop

Tork EasyCube®

Get connected and your restrooms will be more than ready for your customers.

Consistently clean, fresh and ready. That’s the promise we can help you keep with real-time restroom data from our Tork EasyCube® smart-restroom solution.
With web-connected Tork Elevation dispensers, you can confidently deliver the level of service that everyone appreciates.
Stay a step ahead:
  • Know visitor numbers and check refill levels remotely
  • See trends and improve planning
  • Move from static cleaning schedules to cleaning when needed—or a mix of both
Exceed expectations with smart connectivity
To consistently provide your customers with washrooms that their business is proud of, Tork EasyCube® gathers and analyzes real-time data from each individual restroom so you know their readiness. You get actionable information that saves time immediately and you gain insights to improve long-term planning.
Closely developed with input from our customers to help define what’s most important to their customers.

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