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What are the key challenges for cleaning companies to stay in business?

In 2017, Tork asked an external research company to make a report on the global cleaning industry. Now we are making the report available for free. 
Choosing a competitive strategy
Cleaning companies can apply different competitive strategies to further develop their businesses. Specialization into niche areas and offering only a few services is one of them. Examples are: pest control, crime scene cleaning, landscape/gardens, floors, windows, industrial, heavy duty cleaning, hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, graffiti removal or public transport cleaning.
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Achieving more attractive work conditions
Daytime cleaning leads to better relationships between customers and cleaners. Cleaners are visible and achieve a better work-life balance, which reduces staff turnover. 
New cleaning equipment, automated processes, internet of things – the fast technological development calls for a new set of skills among cleaning professionals, which increases the status of their work.
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Trends affecting the cleaning industry
The cleaning industry is undergoing a structural shift, with an increase in bundled services, including full service contracts (which represent an increased percentage of overall contracts) and centralized procurement. These trends are especially pronounced for larger clients that match the largest FM operators. Large, multinational companies are more frequently looking for one-stop-shop solutions, with one contract that services their entire global operation.
Download the full report to read about more trends affecting the cleaning industry. [Insert link to local raport]

In this report, you can read about

• Roles and characteristics in the cleaning industry • How to stay in business • Competitive strategies • Keys to a happier cleaning workforce • The future of the cleaning industry

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