Less is Less

Less run out, less refilling, less waste. Coreless ensures satisfied guests.


Tork Takes pride in saving customers time, effort and money

With less time spent on refilling and less risk of run outs, your staff can focus on what really matters – your guests’ experience. We increase the value of our offer simply by giving less - no wraps, no waste, no plugs and no cores means less to deal with. Eliminate the unnecessary with our new Tork Coreless Bath Tissue System.


Less of the unnecessary, more paper

Our coreless bath tissue rolls are compact and last more than twice as long as conventional bath tissue rolls. We increase the value of our offer simply by giving less.


Help your staff focus on your guests – Try Tork Coreless Bath Tissue System

You can rely on Tork to help you and your staff focus on what’s really important – your guests. So let go of the conventional and try our Tork Coreless Bath Tissue system. 

2 Tork coreless bath tissue rolls = 5 conventional bath tissue rolls

"The staff can focus on more important things, like providing excellent service to our guests"

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