We bring your paper back again with Tork PaperCircle

Tork PaperCircle™ is the world’s first recycling service for paper hand towels. We help your business go circular by closing the loop – recycling your used hand towels locally into new tissue products. We are currently running Tork PaperCircle pilots successfully in Germany and the Netherlands.


Let’s close the loop together
Around the world we are shifting to a circular economy. Drivers are both increased consumer awareness and government initiatives like the EU Circular Economy package. Companies are closing the loop for every part of their business. Globally, locally, in the office, even in the washroom. At Tork, we’re doing our part to help, closing the loop for professional hygiene.
That’s why we’ve created Tork PaperCircle – the world’s first recycling service for paper hand towels. Tork PaperCircle is a complete solution to reduce your waste and cut your carbon footprint by 40 %, making an important statement to your employees and visitors.
What’s in it for you?
Tork PaperCircle reduces your waste to help you meet sustainability targets – cutting the carbon footprint for hand towels by 40%. With Tork PaperCircle, you make an important sustainability statement to your employees and visitors.

recycle.jpg Close the loop
ensuring that your used paper towels become new recycled paper products and not waste
globe.jpg Reach your waste and carbon footprint targets
to become a more sustainable and circular business
graph.jpg Showcase your commitment
to sustainability by providing statistics and feedback to use in communications
eye.jpg Draw attention
to your sustainability initiatives through creative communication in the washroom, based on nudging and behavioral science

How Tork PaperCircle works
Here’s how the service works in practice. Our dedicated team supports you throughout setup, implementation and ongoing use to ensure your transition to a circular economy is smooth and efficient.
  1. Your visitors and employees use the washrooms as usual, but throw their paper hand towel in a separate bin after drying their hands – signage in the washroom makes this easy and intuitive
  2. Cleaners empty the bins as usual but keep the hand towels separate on the trolley – we provide training and guides to make this adjustment
  3. Our recycling partner collects the paper hand towels and brings them to the local Essity mill
  4. The Essity mill recycles the paper hand towels into new tissue products
  5. Your used paper hand towels are put back into the loop as new tissue products
“By recycling we can lower our carbon footprint, and the buildings involved generate about 20% less waste. Tork PaperCircle establishes us as a recycling pioneer among German companies,” says Dirk Middelmann, Corporate Real Estate Management, Commerzbank.
*Results of a life cycle analysis (LCA) conducted by Essity Tork and verified by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd, 2017, where the avoided processes have been taken into account.

At least -40 %* Carbon footprint compared to current waste handling options

“The buildings generate about 20 % less waste”