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Jet air dryers

Thinking about air dryers for your washroom?

We don’t sell air dryers, but we do know what works for our customers. Every washroom does a different job. Hygiene, value, comfort, or appearance might be most important for you. And because you’ll probably invest in your equipment for some years, it’s important to make sure it really fits your needs.

Here are some things our customers found useful to know about air dryers:

Time efficient.png Time efficient?
Drying your hands with an air dryer can take a while and only one person can use it at a time – are you prepared for queues at peak times? Visitors to your washrooms should be able to get in and out of them quickly. Air dryers needs 10-45 seconds per person and at peak times several dryers are needed to avoid queues and users drying hands on trousers.
Paper towels need to be refilled to keep up, but grabbing a towel only takes a second and then the person makes room for the next user. Are peak times an issue in any of your washrooms?
Serving multiple needs.png   Serving multiple needs?
Air dryers are only designed to dry adult hands – how will you cater for the needs of all your washroom visitors? You want this washroom to meet the needs of every user. Jet air dryers are excellent for drying hands, but this is the only thing they are designed to do.
Paper towels also take care of everything from washing faces and blowing noses to adjusting lipstick and can be used even by children. Do users in any of your washrooms have other needs than hand drying?
Comfortable environment.png  Comfortable environment?
Air dryers can be noisy and don’t usually coordinate with other washroom accessories – will they fit in without disruption in your workplace? Your washrooms should reflect the image of your establishment. With jet air dryers you get noise levels of up to 90 dB1. This might be a matter of concern to other guests or people outside the washroom.
Paper towels need refilling, but will blend perfectly into any washroom and will not disrupt the experience. Do you have any washrooms where you want to offer peace and quiet?
The full picture.png  The full picture?
Air dyers promote low running costs but leave out purchase, installation, and servicing – are you getting the best value for money? You need to know the true cost and secure value for money in your washrooms. Jet air dryers promise to be cheaper due to low running costs, but you must add purchase, installation and service costs to the equation to calculate the real cost.
Paper towels have much lower fixed costs, but on the other hand running costs vary with the number of users. Do you have any washrooms where knowing the costs is vital?
Cost efficient.png  Cost efficient?
Air dryer payback can be longer than expected, if you need enough machines to cope with peak demand – do you know your washroom traffic levels? Your washrooms should be cost-effective regardless of the number of users. Jet air dryers have lower running costs, but the payback time can be long since you need enough dryers to cope with peaks in visits, even if the usual number of users is low.
With paper towels you pay for what you use. Running costs may be higher, but always reflect the actual number of users. Do you have any washrooms where cost-efficiency is a key factor?
Minimal cleaning.png  Minimal cleaning?
Germs in drying run-off can be blown around – can your team clean often enough to keep your washroom fresh? You want to offer fresh hand drying alternatives to visitors in your washrooms. Jet air dryers might seem to need minimal service, however they must be cleaned regularly to remain fresh as residue from dirty hands end up in the dryers.
Paper towels need to be refilled, but are always fresh as they stay protected until touched by the user. In which of your washrooms is the above important? 
Maximum hygiene.png  Maximum hygiene?
Multiple users touch the same air dryer surface – how will you keep down contamination? Hygiene must never be compromised in your washrooms. Open and shared jet air dryers are sometimes perceived as less hygienic by users afraid of coming into contact with other peoples’ germs.
Paper towels are only touched by the user and meet the demands of the most hygiene critical washrooms. Do you have any washrooms where hygiene is extra important?

Whatever you’re thinking, we’re here to help you make your washroom work better. We’re happy to give you advice or a washroom audit. Just ask.

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