World hand washing day

Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day 2017 is October 15. Our theme is "Get your hands dirty for hand hygiene".
Getting your hands dirty means you’re committed. It shows passion and a dedication to hard work. This is the basis for how we cultivate the world around us. It’s the doers, the innovators, and the game changers that have made a difference over time. We progress as a society by building communities and ideas that support innovation. It all starts with our hands, they’re our greatest tools. Let’s put them to work.
Global Handwashing Day, October 15th – an important day to highlight the need for good handwashing. This day is originated by The Global Handwashing Partnership, a coalition that brings together the expertise, experience, ideas, resources, and reach of the public and private sectors around the world to promote handwashing with soap. We recognize hygiene as a pillar of international development and health as an easy, effective, and affordable “do-it-yourself vaccine” that prevents infections and saves lives.
The global theme 2017: our hands, our future. The focus on this day is oriented to promote handwashing with soap globally, but with a special focus on children in developing countries. #HygieneMatters
1) Handwashing Infographic: click here
The simple act of hand washing remains one of the most important ways to stop the spread of germs. Raising awareness about why, when, how and where we clean our hands are important examples of why hand hygiene matters in creating a healthier world. Click here to find an informative infographic to share with your customers, employees, friends and family about the importance of handwashing.
2) Handwashing Story Video: Click Here 
We invite you to watch our Global Handwashing Day video and share it with your friends. For every share of the video we will donate 1 meal to St Johns Bread & Life (up to 10,000 meals until end of 2017). Hygiene Matters when you show others that you care about them. Watch this touching video of someone that puts caring for the health of others at the top of her priorities.
3)Handwashing Quiz: Click Here
Test your handwashing knowledge with this fun quiz that highlights the importance of this often overlooked simple task.